DD Fitness: Are you an emotional eater?

first_imgFor some people, cravings for certain types of food seem to arise when they are in a place emotionally, where they are vulnerable.It may happen consciously or unconsciously, but the urge to eat will get stronger along with these emotions.Many health and dietary goals have been hampered by emotional eating. There are different types of things that can cause these emotions to occur and they are usually a form of stress.Stresses such as;Financial stress,Relationship stress,Workplace stress,Health issuesFatigue and burnout can also have an effect.So, when it comes to emotional eating, it isn’t as simple as saying;‘if you want it bad enough’ or ‘all you have to do is….’Although, if you look at any of the hundreds of Instagram ‘Fitspo’ accounts that are around at the moment and their neat little ‘memes’, they would have you believe that it is.These motivational posts simply don’t work. If they did, there wouldn’t be a problem. Yes, they can give a small boost in the right situation, but they will be fleeting and won’t give any concrete help.With emotional eating, we need to look at what the actual triggers are that are causing the problems and take steps to address these.Once you know ‘WHY’ you are eating for comfort, then you can look at how to solve the issue.So, yes, be mindful of what you are eating, but look at the times when the binging happens and take note of how you were feeling at those times and what set off the urge to eat.Once these issues have been addressed, the cravings and weight loss issues can be addressed also. Stress. If stress contributes to your emotional eating, try and find ways to de-stress.Meditation, relaxation techniques, sensory tools like stress balls, get a massage, go to a spa, have a day out with friends or read a book and shut off all electronic devices.Whatever works for you to relax and de-stress, do more of that.Be honest about your hunger.Are you really hungry, or are you just bored or stressed?If you ate just a few hours ago and aren’t showing signs of actual hunger, you’re probably not really hungry.take some time before you start eating to give the craving time to pass.Go for a walk, read a book, drink a large glass of water or some coffee, get out of the house and occupy yourself some other way than going to the fridge or cupboard.Keep a food diary.A food diary is something that I mention frequently in my articles. It is simply the best way to hold yourself accountable for what you put in your mouth.Write down what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, how you’re feeling when you eat and how hungry you are.This will give you a better idea of what sets off your binging and why it happens.Support.If people don’t know that you are trying to add changes to your life, they won’t be able to support you. So, let them know that you are starting and ask for support.You would be surprised at how people can hamper your goals with comments and behaviour that will put you off.so, nip it in the bud straight away and tell them to support you or stay clear. Take away temptation.Don’t keep supplies of comfort foods in your home if they’re hard for you to resist. If they are not there, you can’t eat them.Also, don’t go food shopping when tired, hungry or stressed, because you will just buy things that you eat when you are stressed.If it’s already in the house, throw it out and don’t use your family, friends or partners as an excuse to keep them around.Don’t deprive yourself.Do not aim for 100% when trying to lose weight, you WILL FAIL. Instead, aim for 90%.This will give you some leeway throughout the week to have a ‘free meal’ where you can eat what you like guilt free.Snack healthy.Snack on fruit, chopped veg sticks and small portions of nuts, protein bars, Greek yoghurt, quark, cured meats etc. They are a quick, simple and easy way to snack and you are less likely to go on a binge with them.Finally:Do not beat yourself up about setbacks with your diet. Everyone falls off the wagon. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing to remember is that you have to have a healthy relationship with food first. Once that is in place, the weight will take care of itself.#leanin2019These are just some of the tips I give to the members from my Lean in 2019 program.Our next block of classes starts this Monday, April 1st and if you want to get in shape for Summer, we can help you to get a head start on that now.You can find out more through the link below.https://www.rushefitness.ie/class/lean-in-2019-gym-plan/ * Emmet is the owner and operator of Rushe Fitness LTDDD Fitness: Are you an emotional eater? was last modified: March 30th, 2019 by Emmet RusheShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:dd fitnessemmet rushehealthy eatinghealthy livinglast_img read more

Aus firms fast-tracks SA offshore gas project

first_img5 February 2014Australian-listed company Sunbird Energy is fast-tracking the development of the Ibhubesi gas project off South Africa’s west coast, which could pave the way for a multi-billion rand investment that would significantly boost the country’s gas-to-electricity generation capacity.According to Business Day, Sunbird CEO Will Barker told delegates at the African Mining Indaba in Cape Town on Tuesday that the company aimed to complete the preliminary field development plan in the first half of this year and get the front-end engineering and design studies for the project under way.Sunbird Energy received government approval for the acquisition of the Ibhubesi gas project last October, establishing it as the operator of South Africa’s largest and most advanced undeveloped gas field with a 76% working interest, with national oil company PetroSA holding the remaining 24% of the licence.In December, Sunbird signed a memorandum of understanding with South African state power company Eskom to jointly investigate supplying gas from Ibhubesi to Eskom’s 1 300 megawatt Ankerlig power station, to replace the plant’s current high-cost diesel feed stock.Eskom is also currently developing plans to convert Ankerlig from an open cycle gas turbine to a closed cycle gas turbine plant, so that it can run on gas.Eskom spokesman Andrew Etzinger told Business Day on Tuesday that such a conversion was attractive as it would double the plant’s efficiency.“No hard decisions have been made, but we are looking at the feasibility of the conversion of the plant, with the important parameters of the gas price and its availability”, Etzinger told Business Day. “It’s early days, but it’s a good opportunity.”Sunbird Energy chairman Kerwin Rana, in a statement following the signing of the memorandum of understanding in December, said his company was “delighted to be working with Eskom to progress this nationally significant project of domestic gas supply for South Africa.“Additionally, we acknowledge the support of our joint venture partner in the project PetroSA (24%), the national oil company of South Africa, as well as our South African black empowerment partner Umbono Capital, in bringing these discussions to this important stage.”SAinfo reporterlast_img read more