BlueStacks bringing 400000 Android apps to Windows 8

first_imgNot sold on the concept of a Windows 8 tablet? Maybe you think it’d be a bit more interesting if there were going to be a veritable boatload of apps to choose from come launch time. That’s a definite possibility, according to BlueStacks — the Android software maker is bragging that its code wizardry will let users tap into nearly half a million Android apps right from their start screens.BlueStacks has already outed a public beta of its Windows software, which allows users to run Android apps on their laptops and desktops. It’s a bit like how the Android Player works on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and, like RIM’s implementation, there are a few caveats.For starters, having BlueStacks installed on your Windows desktop (or laptop or tablet) doesn’t give you direct access to the Android Market. While BlueStacks does enable you to install some apps directly, you’ll need an Android device with Market access and the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app installed to push your favorites over to your Windows system. It’s also important to remember that most Android apps are still built for smaller touchscreen devices. While the number of tablet-ready apps is growing steadily, most apps don’t scale terribly well to a display the size of the one perched on your desk — and they’re not always that much fun to use with a keyboard and mouse.But with upgraded support for Windows 8, BlueStacks does make the experience a little bit more exciting. You’ll be able to pin Android apps right next to your Metro apps (and Windows desktop apps, if you’re not running an ARM processor). To the average user, this might not be all that interesting — they’ll likely stick to the Windows Store for their app needs. For geekier types, however, BlueStacks could be a very welcome addition to Windows 8.If you’re keen on buying a device that offers a bit more flexibility than one that only runs Windows 8, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for manufacturers who sign on to ship BlueStacks on their touchscreen laptops, convertibles, and even all-in-one desktops. At the very least, you’ll be able to take your pick from two or three ever-so-slightly different versions of Angry Birds.More at All Things Dlast_img read more