Forget lemonade! Here are 5 lemony dishes you must try out this summer

first_imgYou drink a glass of hot water with lemon juice and honey every morning to stay fit. You have lemonade or nimbu paani to keep yourself hydrated. You squeeze lemon over a salad or a kebab platter. We do have lemons in these forms every day, but none of these things really celebrate the beauty that is lemon.Can you imagine a dish that lemon juice or zest doesn’t improve or enhance? This summer, enhance your life and try out these 5 brilliant lemony dishes. Some of them are sweet, some savoury. But all of them sing out the citrusy flavours of lemon, and it’s a flavor you’ll love.Lemon cakes are easy to make and so delicious. Photo courtesy: Instagram/akane_m Lemon PieThis baked dessert is more commonly sold in Indian patisseries as lemon tart. The pie crust is made of shortcrust pastry, the filling is made of lemon custard and sometimes candied lemons or lemon zest is added on top. It tastes sweet and tangy at the same time, and the best lemon pies have a smooth custard filling. This pie or tart is so amazing that you need to go and grab some at once!Also read: Give this summer a minty twist with seven cool ideas Lemon CakeA traditional sponge cake is given a zingy makeover with lemon juice, lemon zest and whipped cream on top. Viola! You have lemon cakes to indulge in. These are very easy to make at home, so don’t deprive yourself of them if they’re not available in bakeries. If not a cake, just try baking some cupcakes. And if you’re worried about the whipped cream on top, replace it with passion fruit.advertisementTop your lemon cake with passion fruit to give it a great twist. Photo courtesy: Instagram/kuchniaagaty Lemon CurdThis one is just not made for the faint-hearted health freaks out there. The ingredients of lemon curd do not include yogurt. Instead this lemony jam or custard substitute is made of egg yolks, sugar, lemon juice and zest. Lemon curd has been around for a few centuries, and you can fill your pies with it or top your cakes with it. You could also make a layered dessert of lemon curd, sponge cake and fruits with it.Indian households stock up on tangy lemon pickles every year. Photo courtesy: Instagram/idhayam_group Lemon PickleNow this is something all Indians are very familiar with. Every household in India is stocked with nimbu ka achaar prepared by mothers and grandmothers. Of course, now we also have packaged lemon pickles available with most retailers. But we recommend you try out some homemade lemon pickle this summer with aloo parathas.Also read: Five surprising and delicious ways to have watermelon this summer Add smoked or grilled lemons to your chicken recipes to enhance the flavours. Photo courtesy: Instagram/shannonstewartratliff Lemon ChickenWhether it’s the South East Asian style curries or the European baked or roasted version, lemon and chicken make a great combination. The tangy lemon flavor just zings up the dish. Of course, the dish tastes best if the lemons have been smoked or grilled slightly before being added to the chicken. But however it is served to you or however you make it, lemon chicken is something you must indulge in regularly.Try out these 5 zingy lemony dishes this summer. Trust us, you’ll feel happier if you have a lot of lemons in your life.last_img read more