Zidane: “Bale and James are here to play and they will go to Salamanca”

first_imgThe importance of the competition: “Maximum concentration. It is an important competition, like everything that lies ahead. We are prepared.”The mental or the sport for the field and the rival: “All players start with a difficult field. Mentally and sportively we are prepared. We know where we are going to play.”Bale and James: “It’s not that they appear and disappear. They are both to play and will go to Salamanca.”Odriozola, at Bayern: “You have the option to leave, it is not yet official”. Zinedine Zidane appeared at a press conference in the previous Copa del Rey match against Unionistas, of the round of 16, to discuss the news of Real Madrid. Signing for the right wing and the return of Vallejo: “Everything can happen. Odriozola is not official. I will not remove one to put another. The template is very long. From Vallejo, we will see. There is no option, for now, that I can return. ”Mbappé and the praise of Zidane: “He is the example now. We have all been for those who played. Nothing else”.Winter signings: “Until 31 can happen everything, in departures and arrivals.”Bale, in an unfriendly match: “Here you have to be for what you touch us. We know where we are going to play. In the end it is a match and our duty is to always be prepared. ”Single match qualifiers: “In France a game is played and I am used to it. We accept what touches us and outside. ”Reinier: “We know he is a Madrid player for the future, but he is not yet with us. We must go step by step. When it arrives, we will see what we do. In principle it will go with Castilla. Like all Brazilians it is technically very good. With the videos you get an idea, but I will wait. ”The 1,000 passes of Barcelona: “Every team wants to win and everyone has their way of doing it.”Areola, in the Cup: “I’m sorry. I’m not going to say anything”.last_img read more