Superhydrophobic film to make circuit boards water resistant

first_imgDrop your smartphone on the floor and chances are it will pick up a few scratches, or in the worst case crack the screen. Drop it in water though, and you are more than likely going to be picking up a brick.The components within a smartphone, or any portable gadget for that matter, are built to last but not if you expose them to water. Japanese company Daikin Industries hopes to change that with a new superhydrophobic transparent coating it has developed that protects circuit boards from moisture.Daikin is aiming the coating at smartphone manufacturers initially as there’s a greater chance their products will be exposed to moisture. To protect the components, Daikin dip the entire circuit board in a clear liquid bath made up of a fluropolymer dissolved in a fluorinated solvent. Once dipped, the coating dries to a very thin film in 60 seconds. Because the film is so thin (less than 1 micron thick), it does not interfere with the operation of the board in any way. Daikin also state that the solvent used is non-flammable and environmentally friendly.Although this process doesn’t ensure a circuit board is waterproof, the video above clearly shows the water running off components on a coated board. The fact it is an invisible protective layer also means it doesn’t really add anything to a phone in terms of size or weight. Both are desirable qualities in an industry obsessed with packing more tech into the very limited interior of a smartphone case.Daikin is hoping to offer the coating commercially in December of this year. It is also hoping to expand into different areas beyond just circuit boards. To me it sounds like this coating is a competing product for NeverWet, the superhydrophobic spray that promises you’ll never need to wash your clothes again after using it.Read more at DigInfo.tvlast_img read more