Mother forced to lactate by Frankfurt Airport police

first_imgFebruary 1, 20173 Comments A Singaporean woman says she forced to prove she was lactating by police at Frankfurt airport.Singaporean, Gayathiri Bose, claims she was forced by airport police at Frankfurt Airport to prove she was lactating. Airport security became suspicious because she was carrying a breast pump in her luggage but was not travelling with a baby. Ms Bose told the BBC she was “humiliated” by the experience and will consider taking legal action.The 33-year old mother of two, was asked by the female officer, “You are breastfeeding? Then where is your baby?”Unconvinced that the device Ms Bose was carrying was a breast pump, the police kept her passport and she was taken to a room for further questioning, where she was asked to open her blouse and show her breast. Ms Bose claims the officer wanted her to begin “hand-expressing a little.”“I was just in shock, I was going through the motions. I was all by myself as well, and wasn’t sure what would happen to me if they decided to make trouble for me,” Ms Bose said.Eventually the police were satisfied the Singaporean posed no threat and was released. Ms Bose was left “traumatised” and began to cry as it dawned on her what had happened.A Frankfurt airport police spokesman confirmed that Ms Bose had been stopped for checks and her breast pump analysed. However, he denied that Ms Bose had been asked to squeeze her breast by the female officer. Blogcenter_img Mother ‘forced to lactate’ by Frankfurt Airport policelast_img read more