Hoffarth: From Anthopoulos to Zaidi, what are Dodgers thinking?

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error This gaggle doesn’t even take into account those on the letterhead listed as the chairman and four principal partners, so can Mark Walter or his pals — who formed this dream team with their expense account — squash anything by taking their shoes off and start pounding?Who do the players complain to when they’re going to go over Dave Roberts’ head?And if they’re all on the same page with a starting rotation that could be all left-handers, will everything really be all right?And now maybe it’s more clear why Paul DePodesta defected to the more subdued NFL.• Let Mike Piazza go into the Baseball Hall with a N.Y. logo affixed to his large bronze dome instead of one that says L.A. But here’s the catch: The Dodgers stage a No. 31 retirement pizza party sometime this summer, right? Just to make him feel a little guilty?• Those three members of the Baseball Writers Association of America who didn’t have Ken Griffey Jr. on their ballots — you do follow baseball, right?• When do the local citizens of L.A. get to vote on which NFL team they might prefer over another before we are supposed to embrace this whole corrupt process? When that ballot is put before the general population — let’s set up booths like a giant tailgate in Exposition Park — how many do you think will check the box “none of the above”?• OK, so 24 of the 32 monopolists decide the Inglewood stadium is the way to go, with the Rams or Chargers and/or Raiders planted there, and those who live in the area will just have to move away if they’re not happy with it.Then what becomes of that pile of toxic garbage in Carson that already has a Stadium Avenue wrapped around it?What if someone channeled their inner Agajanian and filled it with another stock-car race track, something that’s been missing from the area over the past 25-plus years?• Kicking and screaming, Will Ferrell’s feral leap into professional soccer ownership with the new L.A. MLS team has to be for one reason only: Ten years down the road, does he have another comedy script written for him that will be kickball’s version of “Semi-Pro”?• Just an odd coincidence that when you try to text the name “Saban” it gets auto-corrected to “Satan”?• Will it take a win over Arizona for rankers to finally realize USC has a basketball program? And by that point, will the Trojans be the only ranked team in the Pac-12 when it takes on UCLA on Wednesday in Westwood? Six current or former general managers go into a room with the team CEO and its farm director. One decision survives.Oh, it’s on in the Chavez Ravine Octagon. It’s a reality show made for ESPNOcho.Although the Dodgers have yet to announce their next greatest acquisition — that would be former Toronto Blue Jays GM extraordinaire Alex Anthopoulos joining the Think Blue Think Tank — this pending arrangement is bound to cause someone’s head to explode.Alphabetically, we go from Anthopoulos to (Farhan) Zaidi. center_img Maybe not ironically, it will probably operate backwards from that.Andrew Friedman spins the bottle in the center of the mosh pit. Josh Byrnes, Ned Colletti and Gerry Hunsicker start to clear their throats. Stan Kasten and Gabe Kapler lean in. All have experience and weight behind their valued opinions.So, do we keep Puig or …?The smartest guy in the room when they all converge for a summit will be the one who just shuts up and watches the others take each other out.• Are the Dodgers more enamored by an All-Star lineup in the front-office break room instead of on the lineup card?last_img read more