Shanghai Longfeng discussion how to improve the site access speed

general host supports GZip compression function. We need to make good use of the host to provide our function, open compression can improve the site access speed, you can search the reference documentation for specific steps of steps to complete (expected 10 minutes), remember to check whether successfully opened after the completion of compression in the webmaster tools.

finished the acceleration server and domain name, website optimization step program a little more than 2 steps, as follows: read more

According to the analysis of the user experience improve the web page optimization strategy

third, the page layout and analysis of Web site keywords. For each page, to consider its role in the process of publication of this article for us, what is the role of the user, and the role of search engines? We must be clear about this point, the long tail keywords related to keyword search engines as far as possible in the title of the website and reflect, in the article will be the site of key words into them, as far as possible to play the role of the link, the second, the article do the internal connection as much as possible, convenient for users to read and related articles for spiders crawl, which can improve the related keywords and long tail word in the search engine’s performance, the layout of key words the. First of all, the attention of the relevant written three labels as each page select > read more