Xining city north of the city of 13 villagers difficult to solve the problem of draft

recently, reporters in the north area of Qi city village of Xining City Zhang uncle home to see, unscrew the faucet, clean tap water "rushing" runs out. Zhang uncle pick up the water while talking about: I hope for so long, finally eat tap water." Residents living on the water, told reporters that the matter can be satisfactorily resolved, thanks to the tireless efforts of the government and the water sector.

It is reported that

, Seongbuk Chaoyang office Qi City Village 13 villagers living in the north foot of the mountain, the difficult problem of drinking water into the 13 villagers event. Located in the north foot of the mountain, no tap water, the 13 villagers had to down the mountain along the railroad to carry water to eat. 2010 North Railway Freight Station Project expansion, resulting in 13 villagers daily drinking water more difficult. According to Qi Chia Village villagers eat water problems, the district government leaders attach great importance to agriculture and animal husbandry, area construction, Chaoyang office departments repeatedly in-depth on-site visits to the villagers, raise funds, and actively tap water company, Highway Management Bureau and the Qinghai Tibet Railway cargo center to coordinate, master Qi city surrounding the pressure of tap water pipe network and the tap water pipeline crossing highway. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau commissioned the design units in the preparation of the "Qi City 13 villagers drinking water project implementation plan", at the same time, called construction, design, quality inspection, supervision, village committees and other units in the engineering construction requires the disclosure.

Qi City 13 villagers drinking water project started in October 15th, the work is progressing smoothly, the current project has been basically completed, and in November 13th through the water, completely solve the Qi City Village 13 villagers drinking water problems. (author: Su Jianping Zhang Liyun Yang Dehai)

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