Three enterprises to support the construction of Huangzhong maritime school information

in December 4th, the provincial education development foundation under the coordination of Qinghai Ying Ji Building Group Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Dingxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Tongxin real estate development company free of charge to the Huangzhong county school informatization construction project of sea Zi Gou donated 57 sets, 1 sets of computer digital HD camcorder, 850 quilts and warm bed all kinds of sports equipment, teaching equipment and a large number of students living goods, the total value of 374 thousand yuan.

maritime school is a nine year old school with a total of 863 students, of which there are a total of 850 students. Since 2010, has invested about 20000000 yuan, completed 3890 square meters house renovation project, 5750 square meters of school safety engineering teaching building and apartment building project, the total construction area of 12488 square meters, and beautify the campus, built a dining room, instrument room, laboratory and other function rooms, in accordance with the "double high Pujiu" standard configuration the instrument can meet the teaching needs, happened to turn the world upside down changes in school conditions. However, due to the lack of investment in education, the low allocation of office equipment, especially the lack of computers and other issues has restricted the development of teachers’ professional development and the improvement of teaching quality.

school responsible person said, this batch of teaching equipment donated, built in 5 electronic training room and 1 mobile multimedia classrooms and 1 sports equipment to achieve collective electronic preparation room, and effective use of touch interaction integrated classes, can enter the network environment training, master advanced teaching and research management, and learning means, will greatly improve the informationization level of school teaching, to realize efficient, resource sharing, efficient classroom, in order to steadily improve the quality of education and teaching and lay a solid foundation. (author: Zhao Jing)

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