The province’s first national movable cultural relics census results in the Provincial Museum

11 11, "witness the history of the collection of cultural relics to write the text – Qinghai province’s first national survey report on the results of movable cultural relics exhibition," the official launch of the provincial museum.

from October 2012 to December 2016, China for the first time to carry out a comprehensive survey of movable heritage registration. Census office at all levels in the province and the collection unit lasted 4 years, the trip more than 4 km, in the province’s 2 cities and counties in 47 counties (districts) and the 4 provincial units to comprehensively promote the census work, the successful completion of the census task.

in order to let the collection of relics in the Forbidden Palace, on display in the vast land of the heritage, writing in the ancient text are living together in Qinghai Province, the first national movable cultural relics Census Leading Group Office and the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau elaborate preparation, special planning of the exhibition was held. The exhibition in our province the first national census of movable cultural achievements as the main line, divided into "organizing" "focus on the implementation of" "achievements" in three parts, in the form of illustrations for the census workers of the lens and the feeling, lead the audience to understand the census census process, appreciate the hardships, fruitful course of survey work experience four years and achieved. Lead the audience into the mysterious plateau ancient civilization, in-depth understanding of Qinghai’s unique historical and cultural heritage and splendid national culture, to explore the Qinghai plateau culture.

is reported that this exhibition will continue until November 26th.


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