Xining scale industrial added value of enterprises increased by 55 1%

As small and micro enterprises are concentrated in the area in the province, thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment in Xining city to convert the benefits of enterprise policy and supporting measures, along with the effectiveness of aid activities gradually, Xining new Small and micro businesses 2000 households. At the end of November this year, Xining city completed 34 billion 290 million yuan of industrial added value growth of 18.37%. Among them, the scale of the following industries completed 5 billion 9 million yuan, an increase of 55.1%.

million cadres in helping activities, through a large number of policy advocacy activities, Xining small and micro enterprises on policy concerns and application capabilities have been greatly improved. Industry and commerce, taxation, finance and other departments set up specifically for Small and micro businesses in the service window; the Municipal Bureau of Commerce set up business information public service platform, more than and 200 enterprises registered; finance, development and reform, Economic Commission, commerce, agriculture and animal husbandry departments to actively coordinate the project funds, to inject vitality into the development of enterprises; the county to hold small micro enterprise special recruitment will solve the enterprise employment difficulties. At present, Xining active service companies, concerned about the enterprise, to help enterprises develop awareness is taking shape, the development of small and micro enterprises in the external environment has been significantly improved. With the benefits of enterprise in the implementation of the policy, a number of small and micro enterprises affect the development of production difficulties and problems will be gradually solved, small and micro enterprises to increase the enthusiasm and urgency of investment projects, rapid development has been greatly improved, effectively enhance the development of confidence, steady increase in long-term results preliminary show.

in helping business activities in Xining city recently held 2010expo, Xining mayor Wang Yubo said that from now on, Xining city will stage activities into the long-term track, help enterprises make full use of the results of the activities, and actively expand the follow-up effects and spillover effects. Next year to cultivate all types of market players, the growth of small and micro enterprises into a comprehensive assessment of the various districts and counties, departments. According to the planning and construction of County Industrial Park, relying on the county industrial foundation and resources, seriously study the law, industry development direction and foster focus, accelerate the development of a number of hardware machinery, light industry, food processing and new building materials with small and micro enterprises in the industrial development of the local industry inertia and path. Three focus on the development of service industry and increase farmers’ income, culture and sports, accelerate the development of services in the field of market subject, the field of public utilities market, people’s livelihood services market of agriculture and animal husbandry, aquaculture processing and other market players, further increase business support, the full implementation of the employment policy entrepreneurship, support the unemployed, the landless peasants, veterans, college graduates and other types of main business venture.

in the future, Xining will continue to pay attention to the implementation of the policy, the full implementation of small and micro enterprises to raise the surface expansion project. The establishment of the joint meeting system, from the city, district (county) two levels to carry out regular bank docking activities, the establishment of bank communication platform. Continue to increase financial support, support for the establishment of small and medium micro enterprise financing guarantee platform, and strive to expand the coverage of small and micro enterprises, especially in the start-up period of micro enterprise coverage. Based on the construction of urban agglomeration and urban planning;

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