The Department of transportation to prevent bad weather

In order to ensure that people can safely travel in winter, minimize and avoid all kinds of traffic accidents, the Provincial Department of transportation in the winter before the bad weather this winter, ahead of the deployment of prevention. It is reported that, according to the climate characteristics in our province, cold and dry winter weather, frequent winds, heavy snow disaster prone, traffic departments will strengthen communication and coordination with the meteorological department, collecting meteorological information, strengthen forecasting, early warning, prevention, scientific and rational use of traditional methods and modern methods, road traffic conditions and extreme early release the weather warning information. In addition, according to their own characteristics, multi sectoral arrangements to deal with cold wind, snow and other natural disasters measures. The highway maintenance management department: focus on doing the preparatory work to prevent wind snow weather, the important province of the country’s main bridge and tunnel maintenance, increase the intensity of the investigation, and make the highway emergency supplies and inclement weather reopened pat work. Road transport management department: focus on urging the passenger station to do emergency work under severe weather conditions, the emergence of a large area of passengers stranded, do a good job of stranded passengers service, maintain good order. The maritime sector: strengthening the duty, timely disposal of emergencies, strictly implement the winter air system in our province. Highway law enforcement departments: the focus of inspections, such as a large number of vehicles on the road due to snow stuck by blocking, and actively organize grooming and rescue work. Road network operation monitoring department: do a good job in the daily operation of highway network monitoring, emergency warning and emergency response technical support, timely upload and other work.  

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