Xining to the ten major themes of a series of activities to celebrate the birthday of the party

in the party’s birthday, Xining city organized the ideal faith education, "innocence to the party" nursery rhymes sung, Party volunteer service team selection and other ten series of theme activities, continue to stimulate the city’s party members and cadres officer entrepreneurial enthusiasm, to participate in the party’s mass line educational practice with practical action, vanguard role to further develop the party organizations at all levels and Party members of the fighting force.


ten series of theme activities focus on outstanding learning education, improve the quality of Party members; prominent carrier innovation, rich activities; outstanding party care, promoting inner-party harmonious principle, the formation of the team, grass-roots level to carry out the ideals and beliefs education as the theme of the Tour propaganda activities and theoretical research activities, to further strengthen the party’s ideal the purpose of the party consciousness and belief. Centralized organized two "learning new constitution, carrying out the eighteen" as the theme of the training class, centralized counseling training on the city’s grass-roots party secretary and party workers, and carry out the study of the party constitution seminar activities, to further strengthen the Party cadres ideals and beliefs. To carry out the cultural propaganda activities, organized independent culture art show, organization of Party members and cadres to warning education base for anti-corruption warning education, guidance and education of Party members and cadres ideals and faith, to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. Carry out the "me Communist deeds tour activities, give full play to the typical leading role in building, the city party organizations at all levels in the atmosphere of advocating advanced, carry forward the advanced.

on the support of innovation, will be in the city’s primary and secondary schools in the organization to carry out "to the party’s" nursery rhymes sung activities, create a positive, healthy and civilized campus culture atmosphere, to further strengthen the ideological and moral construction of minors. To carry out cultural and educational institutions to carry out the work of calligraphy, painting and calligraphy exhibition. Focus on the development and evaluation of cadres and cadres of the culture of calligraphy and painting photography, showing the spirit of Party members and cadres of the municipal authorities and the party and government to achieve fruitful results, to play a leading role in the culture of clean government. Hold a city Chuangwei · · network model "theme photography exhibition.

at the same time, and actively carry out the difficulties of Party members, old members, outstanding Party members condolences activities, Party volunteer service team "and" selection activities in the ordinary wonderful-i found the most beautiful grass-roots cadres "campaign theme. (author: Su Jianping Wang Shenglong)

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