The first inter provincial high school Union summit held in Xining

July 25th, the country’s first inter provincial high school alliance held in Xining summit.

China six school alliance was formally established in April 21, 2012 in Beijing, six members of the League schools were the third middle school of Harbin City, the thirty-fifth Middle School of Beijing City, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school, high school affiliated to Northwest Normal University, Jiangsu Province, Xishan high school, Hainan middle school.

six school alliance will further explore the reform of the curriculum together to jointly build a close unity and common development of inter regional education alliance. Along with the deepening of exchanges, six school teachers will take turns in exchange, professional theory and professional practice areas complement each other and improve together, in order to promote the school development, teacher development, all-round development of students.

provincial education department director Wang Xuan said, Qinghai Huangchuan middle school joined China high school six school alliance, means of education in our province has open mind, open mind, and to open the window for education. I held the first inter provincial senior high school, the school members of the League summit, Qinghai has been in combination with outside forces thinking of their own education, through the understanding of the outside education in their education and develop their own education. (author: Chen Junfan)


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