North District of Xining city to tackle tough chuangcheng speed

March 14th, Seongbuk Xining create a national civilized city held a mobilization meeting to tackle, and strive to create the city as the background for the construction of people’s satisfaction of life, happiness, North North North civilization Road add a thick and heavy in colours.

raise awareness out of low-level

this year, North District will strive to implement the Beichuan Hexi Road extension, North Zen road and other roads construction, alleviate the traffic bottleneck of Chengbei district; to continue to carry out the bridge street, Chaoyang West Road, and Qaidam Xiang Lei Jia Xiang, street lighting, greening and beautifying environment; and the comparative advantage of relying on the northern mountains, water rich the high starting point, high standard planning of mountain bridge reconstruction, build the city landscape ecological system.

around the creation of a national forest city, north of the city district will continue to implement the green ecological barrier construction, accelerate the city green space, theme park, city key area of artificial wetland and leisure venues, along the mountain along the road, along the river, focusing on afforestation and green "two Sichuan three shore" green riverside landscape construction; continue to promote coal-fired boiler coal gas, improve the area of air quality, to achieve emission reduction efficiency. At the same time, actively carry out military and civilian construction, street enterprises to build, street school to build a complete renovation of the dirty and messy ills, for the masses to create a warm, clean living environment.

allow service speed efficiency

civilized city evaluation system, involving legal aid and services, "window" industry services and the masses of the party and government organs, such as satisfaction with the effectiveness of a number of indicators. Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen urban management, improve work efficiency and service level.

outlets, public utilities, scenic spots such as the window industry will firmly establish the "small window, big service" philosophy, service commitment, service standardization activities, improve the overall level of service, and to create activities to extend to the farmers market, private enterprises and individual labor, the formation of a strong atmosphere of "civilized business, integrity business". Departments and units should strictly implement the responsibility system and the limitation of first asking to standardize the work flow limit, open party secretary, head of government electronic mailbox, public organization discipline committee, Minister of supervision, the Secretary of the discipline inspection and supervision department is mainly responsible for the mobile phone number, the establishment of the town and the demands of the masses point of contact, further smooth mass appeal channels.

small finances do big things

"city" is designed to improve the people’s living standards, improve the quality of life of the masses.

adhere to education priority. Under the support of the province, Xining, the completion of Qilian Road Primary School, twenty miles of public kindergartens and other new projects under construction, in the promotion of students on the basis of egg milk project, pilot rural remote primary school free lunch project.

adhere to employment. North District will strengthen the construction of district business incubators, the implementation of special employment training, and effectively protect the "4045" and the town of zero employment families, poor families and rural surplus labor employment, public support entrepreneurship and support the development of Small and micro businesses, to promote entrepreneurship employment, promote high quality full employment.


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