Hao Peng stressed in the provincial poverty alleviation and development bureau investigation and pra

8 12 pm, governor Hao Peng made a special trip to the provincial poverty alleviation and Development Bureau Research guidance. He stressed that poverty alleviation is the "top priority" in 13th Five-Year during the first and the people’s livelihood projects, the whole province to fully understand the extreme importance of this work, to further strengthen confidence, truth-seeking, dedication, hard work, and promoting the crucial poverty in our province.

research, Hao Peng and his party first came to poverty alleviation headquarters poverty alleviation and development of integrated information platform, a detailed understanding of the provincial poverty alleviation big data platform for the first phase of the project on-line operation and construction of the two phase of the project. In front of the big screen information platform, the staff one by one to demonstrate the poverty identification and dynamic management system. Hao Peng told them to win the battle of poverty, must not engage in flood irrigation, to deepen and perfect our province’s poverty alleviation accurate big data management platform, precise poverty forced policy implementation and full coverage. To improve the function of the platform, expand services, improve service levels, between the industry area poverty alleviation information docking sharing, strengthen the tracking and supervision and inspection, increase poverty alleviation work under the condition of informatization accuracy and effectiveness.

Hao Peng also came to the Bureau of the offices, cordial exchanges with the poor cadres, a detailed understanding of their feelings and Thoughts on poverty alleviation. Hao Peng said, poverty alleviation and Development Department of cadres is not only poverty, poverty alleviation is the "commander" battlefield "frontline fighters", we must have the heavy responsibility, adhere to the pragmatic, focusing on solving practical problems, chuanbangdai role play, with emotion, full of passion, at the grassroots masses, the the poverty alleviation policy of the party and the government accurately into the village, home to the people. He said that the current extremely arduous task of poverty alleviation, the poverty alleviation cadres should always maintain a good mental state and work style, with a greater awareness, more responsibility, more dedication, dedication to win the battle out of poverty to improve, growth ability, in tackling poverty line exercise progress.

after listening to the relevant work report of the provincial poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, Hao Peng on the province’s poverty alleviation work, especially the work of the provincial poverty alleviation development bureau affirmed. He pointed out that to win the battle of poverty is a comprehensive well-off society the most arduous task, all localities and relevant departments especially poverty line comrades must resolutely implement the central decision-making arrangements, to implement the requirements of the provincial government, adhere to the goal oriented and problem oriented, the central spirit and Qinghai practice, improve the policy system strengthen the work force, highlight key points, grasp the key weaknesses, increase coordination efforts, especially to push forward the industrial poverty alleviation, easily relocated, labor export, supporting the poor collaboration and other key work layer compaction responsibility, layers of conductive pressure, and the Poverty Alleviation Policies and measures implemented to ensure that the annual out of poverty the successful implementation of the goals and tasks, to the people turn in a satisfactory answer.

Yan Jinhai, Yang Fengchun together research.


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