2016 major U S Qinghai Travel Fair opening

In October 23rd, 2016 Qinghai Tourism Fair in Xining curtain, the tourism administrative departments from the the Yellow River tourism market promotion alliance, Chinese China Yangtze River Tourism Promotion Alliance and other 11 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide and more than 500 tourism enterprises to come to attend the meeting.

during the event held outside the province tourism industry will have exchanges and cooperation signed; throughout the province the scenic beauty of Qinghai will also jointly held a seminar topics, to Qinghai, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment "and the main line of promotion activities. This activity has also been highly valued at all levels of the province’s Tourism Bureau, the tourism enterprises in our province have attended the meeting, travel agencies have developed tourism series of beautiful Qinghai characteristics of the line products, and actively docking with the international tourism enterprises; star hotels, farmhouse, tourism scenic area attractions and other enterprises have also developed the price consistent, reasonable prices, tickets, catering, tourism commodity prices during the fair and related companies signed a cooperation agreement next year; the tourism company vehicles from the safety, integrity and service quality also made a commitment and car between enterprises establish a good cooperation talks.Deputy director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau Chang Hongan said:

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