Forestry Bureau of the State Forestry administration led the city to study the work of afforestation

Forestry Bureau of the State Forestry Administration to our city


Forestry Bureau of the State Forestry Bureau to study

forest work


5 month 5 days, 6 days, accompanied by Huo Jianming, deputy director of the State Forestry afforestation line in the provincial forestry department director Dang Xiaoyong, deputy director Li Bing, director of Municipal Forestry Bureau under the leadership of Zhang Fujun, I came to the city afforestation work research. His research group, listen to the report, through on-the-spot investigation scene on the way to the city of spring afforestation work carried out a detailed investigation. The research group went to Xining City Nanshan, Huangzhong County, north exit of Kumbum Monastery Observatory, Haruki beach, lushaer Town Zhu Datong County Bridge in the town of Tiananmen beach, Jingyang Town Village and other posts on-site to see the implementation of afforestation afforestation. Through the inspection and investigation, the research group for this year’s spring camp afforestation work fully affirmed, I think the spring camp afforestation work leadership, scientific planning, effective measures, afforestation of high quality, high quality seedling high usage rate, with remarkable results. At the same time, the research group and the provincial, city and county forestry department Comrade financial subsidies for afforestation, afforestation north project carried out extensive exchanges, and the future of how to further increase the cultivation and protection of forest resources, forestry industry how to development of our city forestry work put forward new requirements.





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