Business financial center to take shape

On the afternoon of July 27th, representatives of merchants went to Huangzhong county field inspection and project docking Roundtable held. It is reported that the Huangzhong focus on the promotion of the 16 projects, all kinds of referral to the town of DOPA project, a comprehensive display of the city to the people of the city to start a new financial, administrative, cultural centers. In the business finance business finance center DOPA Metro Group East area, finishing and supporting municipal road construction projects are hot in the northwest area of land market development, the delegation conducted a detailed understanding of the project, and the project docking negotiate communication. It is reported that this project is closely around the new town planning business DOPA financial center, covers an area of about 437 acres, the main building in the new city planning station, North South, West Southern Xia Gan highway east of the Middle East, South Binhe Road section South Road in South West, Zheng Xing, the middle of the road to more than 8 blocks north region the financial and business services and other supporting facilities and the surrounding roads and other municipal infrastructure. This reporter has learned that this year, Huangzhong focus on the introduction of the new town of dopa, agriculture, small and medium enterprises as well as the surrounding tourism, supplemented by a total of 16 key projects. At the same time, Huangzhong County pushed two tourism projects, planning construction in rouchard Zhen Nan Foshan star villa, small conference rooms, car camping, skiing, Qinghai "flowers" exchange Plaza project. The formation of forest tourism link, improve the scenic service facilities, the development of self driving tourism, built a collection of leisure, catering, health, culture as one of the integrated tourist areas.  

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