Culture and leisure Plaza tiger Taiwan District put into use

in September 13th, after dinner, Mr. Liu and his family went to their own area – just built a tiger hill district cultural leisure square fitness, he found many residents have come to the square leisure. 19 pm the same day, Xining City West District Subdistrict Office Tiger Tiger Taiwan Taiwan district cultural square opening ceremony was held, marking the Plaza officially put into use.

, according to a person in charge of the Tiger Street office, the tiger is the largest residential area of the provincial capital of an old district, now living more than four thousand residents, a total of 22 residential buildings. Culture and leisure square is located in the West District, West District, the district government for the real project, with a total investment of 1 million 100 thousand yuan, with a total construction area of 2600 square meters. Construction units in the 60 days of the construction period, the completion of the Tiger Island District Cultural and leisure square transformation and greening, lighting, fitness, outdoor theater and other facilities construction projects. In the future, the streets, communities will carry out various forms of public welfare activities in the cultural and leisure square, Tiger Island, and constantly meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the residents. (author: Zhang Pu)


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