Decentralization optimization services to speed up the reform of the investment approval system in o

From September 9th, the provincial development and Reform Commission sources, an important step, as the reform of the investment approval system has taken at present, the province has been fully completed in enterprise investment projects approved pre approval cleanup work, and announced the cancellation of belonging to the autonomy of enterprise management of bank loan commitments, the feasibility study report of the examination opinions, planning and design review of the views of the three categories of 18 front matter. This is also the province further decentralization, accelerate the concrete embodiment of the transformation of functions.

simplified pre-approval, standardize the intermediary services, the implementation of enterprise investment projects approved by the online parallel, is a major decision to deploy the state made, and it is also an important measure to promote decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization services, the transformation of functions. By the end of 2014, the State Council promulgated the implementation of enterprise investment project approval system work program to streamline the online parallel pre-approval intermediary service specification, starting from the reform of the innovation system, to carry out more convenient and transparent investment project approval system as the focus, through cleaning, confirmation, amending the law, legislation, network publication, six aspects of the work steps of implementation "to streamline approval, strengthen supervision and coordination for online parallel" reform target.

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