Create Xining striving to create activities vanguard

Xining Municipal Committee recently held the thirteen session of the seven plenary meeting, put forward to create national unity and progress advanced area "six grasp", striving to create "the vanguard".

as the capital city of Xining, a multi-ethnic, five major religions, a variety of folk culture collection, is the key area to create advanced area of the province of national unity and progress, create work has important significance in the demonstration. According to the spirit of the four plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee, Xining City, the scientific development, improve people’s livelihood as a fundamental, to solve problems, create harmony as the focus, meticulous organization, earnestly implement, and continuously improve the overall level of job creation. First, firmly grasp the basis of education and guidance, so that the four identity, the three inseparable from the idea of deep rooted in the hearts of the masses. Two is firmly grasp the core of economic development. The main focus on grasping the development, grasping the project, careful planning and implementation of a number of large projects, good projects, efforts to introduce a number of large enterprises, large groups, adhere to promote the development of change in the development of change. The three is to firmly grasp the fundamental improvement of people’s livelihood, promote the overall development of education, health care, housing, employment, culture, poverty alleviation and development, ecological construction and other work, efforts to promote the equalization of basic public services, urban and rural integration. The four is to firmly grasp the peace Xining construction of the security, the key point in legal education, the fundamental point in accordance with laws and regulations, focus at the grassroots level on the basis of peace Xining construction level and enhance the level under the new situation. Five is to firmly grasp the civilized city to create this carrier, to enhance the connotation and denotation of the construction of advanced areas, making it more rich in Xining characteristics and the characteristics of the times. Six is firmly grasp the key to the leadership of the party, the party and government together, the implementation of layers, strengthen the construction of the national team, and constantly form a powerful force for national unity and progress. (author: Xiao Liu Yuan Ming)

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