Guangming Daily working conference held in Xining

from September 1st to 3, Guangming Daily news conference held in Xining in 2012. September 1st morning, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Luo Huining met with Guangming Daily editor in chief of the line of He Dongping.

summary of the work of the first half of 2012, the deployment of the second half of the work, to explore the Guangming Daily, Qinghai and other western provinces to promote economic and social development achievements, the establishment of mutual communication and win-win cooperation mechanism. Guangming Daily editor in chief Wang Xiangming, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech on behalf of He Dongping. Reporters from all over the country in the Guangming Daily News and newspaper departments, units of the main person in charge to attend the meeting.

He Dongping said that all along, the Qinghai provincial Party committee and government of the Guangming Daily attaches great importance to Guangming Daily News is also very concerned about the construction and development of Qinghai. As the characteristics of the culture of the central party, deep concern and deep reports Qinghai has a profound historical and cultural characteristics of rich provinces, is the "Guangming Daily" responsibility, but also to improve the "Guangming Daily" brand and reputation and influence of the reality. In the future, we will continue to play their own characteristics and advantages, in the propaganda of "Qinghai spirit", "Qinghai culture" efforts, in the introduction of advanced models, carry out theoretical study and report rich cultural activities and works of Tibetan Plateau, and Qinghai to strengthen cooperation efforts, expanding publicity coverage, to achieve mutual benefits mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, to build first-class media, make new contributions to the reform and development of construction in Qinghai. We look forward to expanding the scope of cooperation, cooperation and constantly upgrade the level of cooperation continues to deepen, and promote the "great beauty Qinghai" brand and "Guangming Daily" brand mutual promotion, mutual reflection, complement each other.

Wang Xiangming on behalf of the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department held a warm congratulations to the Guangming Daily 2012 working conference held in mid year, has always been a warm welcome to the participants of the survey, and a brief introduction of our province. He said, "Guangming Daily" is a comprehensive national daily, under the CPC Central Committee and the host, is a long history and authoritative news media, has a strong influence in China last year, has been established in Qinghai reporter station, enhance the publicity of Qinghai force for economic and social development in Qinghai and publicity, improve the visibility and reputation of Qinghai, made an important contribution. We hope to further strengthen exchanges and communication between the media and explore new areas of cooperation and seek common development.

in the Qing period, participants will go to Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Lake, Fang mansion, Atomic City and other places to visit.



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