Education poverty alleviation grassroots cadres training

days ago, the reporter learned from the Party Organization Department, municipal Party Committee Organization Department of Tsinghua University for 2015 by the Poverty Alleviation Office support, with Tsinghua University, offers free training shift places, greatly improve the quality of education and training of cadres at the grassroots level, to enhance the quality and ability of grassroots cadres.

It is reported that

, the Party Organization Department at the Tsinghua University in 2015 for a total of the Poverty Alleviation Office held free, offers 18 training courses, training 146 people, among them: leading cadres 85 people, rural primary school teachers of 35 people, 26 people, relief of cadre education and training funding of nearly 500 thousand yuan. Invite Tsinghua University Department of civil engineering of Traffic Engineering Design Research Institute, Professor, doctoral tutor Jinglai Shi Ning compulsory lectures, held entitled "city traffic problems and Countermeasures of" the fine lecture, in charge of municipal leaders and relevant units, mainly responsible for the county related fields more than 100 cadres to participate in the study. At the same time, give full play to the remote teaching site of Tsinghua city county school building, through remote video teaching way to Tsinghua University high-end course introduction of various grass-roots cadres training, education and training to optimize the curriculum, improve the quality of the course. In June 2015, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the initiative to invite the multi-party coordination, the organization of Tsinghua University in the county of Huangyuan Modern Distance Education station will be held to exchange experiences, to build Xining City 4 teaching stations and Tsinghua Poverty Alleviation Office, each site national cooperation and exchange platform, improve the site of the city of grassroots cadres training of the operation and management level. By the end of 2015, the Organization Department of the Tsinghua University was awarded the 2015 outstanding organization award, Huangzhong county teaching station was awarded excellent teaching station.

2016, the Party Organization Department has been to the Tsinghua University for Poverty Alleviation Office forecast training flight 21, number 131 people, including 99 people, leading cadres, grassroots teachers 32 people, has laid a solid foundation for the training of grassroots cadres in our city this year.


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