Our city will visit the majority of Teachers

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of education, teachers’ day, city leaders, the educational administrative departments at all levels of leadership and the school will be responsible to celebrate the thirtieth teachers’ day as an opportunity to take a deep affection for the majority of teachers, I go deep into the grassroots schools and teachers around, for research and visit. It is understood that the leaders at all levels through this research, a detailed understanding of the vast majority of teachers who are anxious to seriously listen to the views and suggestions of teachers to help teachers solve the practical difficulties of work, study and life. Will visit condolences by visiting teacher, worker, backbone teachers, especially rural teachers, teachers, retired teachers, poor teachers, staff family members killed on duty, caring teachers, teachers concerned about the difficulties of life, sent to the party and the government’s care and warmth. During the period, the units will be combined with reality, and actively take the initiative to do practical things for the majority of teachers, do a good job, and effectively solve the practical problems faced by the majority of teachers. During the period, the city will also carry out a grand festival of teachers in recognition of activities, and start to enter the national hundred schools to observe "activities, principals, teachers, select meritorious meritorious service to the appearance of the moral models friction learning and recuperation, urged the excellent teachers to enhance the quality, cultivate, promote health and psychological adjustment. In another development, three counties and four districts of the city of the area of teachers visit the recognition of activities will also be launched simultaneously, such as September 10th, North District will be focused on the area of more than 100 awards in recognition of outstanding teachers and educators, and more than 20 teachers for a visit.  

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