n the second half of our province higher education self study examination from September 6th to 15

The reporter learned from the provincial admissions, the second half of 2015 higher education self-study exam and teacher qualification certificate "education" and "psychology" exam today (September 6th) to sign up, in September 15th the end of the registration, examination time is scheduled for October 17th, 18 days two days. According to the green caizong words 2015 Document No. 205 requirements, the self-study exam registration fee from March 1, 2015 to cancel the charges. Two study registration fee is still charged by the original standard, and press 4 yuan / year to stay at the registration point.

it is reported that only apply for the self-study examination subjects candidates holding my ID card or ticket to the account or work location of the city and state (with center county) entrance examination office (College) enrollment, in a specified time to the local registration point to receive the "exam seating notice", and in accordance with the "Notice of the examination room seating" the specified test exam in the local.

where candidates in "two studies" and the newspaper examination and self-study examination subjects, must go to the Xining education examination (address: Xining City, No. 80 the Yellow River Road, Yin Long Hotel next door) registration, and in October 12th to 16 days with my ticket and ID card to receive the "Xining municipal education examination examination room seating notice in accordance with the" single ", the examination room seating notice" to the specified test exam in Xining city.

candidates are required to apply for the first time I hold Id original registration to the registration site (register information acquisition and digital photos); has entered a self-study exam or "two" examination of the candidates, only the test of the original ticket registration.  

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