Qilian Road No 67 residents of the pipeline leakage water residents do not eat to coordinate the

Xining road 67, building 2, building 2, unit, due to the leakage of water pipes, water in January is much higher than usual.

January, the meter reader said that this month’s water consumption is much higher than usual, and later asked the relevant personnel to help find the reasons for the water company, at noon on February 11th, the building without water." Resident Mr. Wang said.

The water sector

in Xining, said a staff member, they found that the water quantity of Qilian Road No. 67 hospital in January was higher than usual, immediately sent a check of tap water pipe, tap water pipeline 2 unit building that rupture, resulting in a large number of tap water outflow, according to relevant regulations, the anterior branch valve, including valve and valve wells maintenance the management of water supply enterprises, after the section of the valve, maintained by the user management. In order to reduce the loss of residents, the water supply department shut down the 2 units of the tap water valve, and notify the unit users to seize the time to repair the pipeline, the pipeline repaired immediately after the restoration of water supply.

February 13th, the person in charge of the eastern Xining, a car community surnamed Ma said, No. 67 Hospital of the residents of the building due to aging water supply networks, often Water Leakage. She said that the community neighborhood committee will notify residents, convene a meeting to solve the problem.



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