Three to watch the opening ceremony of the masses

  on the morning of July 5th, the opening ceremony of the thirteenth round of the lake was held at the new stadium in the city’s new lake stadium, both inside and outside the stadium was occupied by the enthusiastic audience. Not to the scene of the lake also lost not only through the network not resigned to playing second fiddle, watching TV, micro-blog still have ‘live".

7 pm the same day, although away from the opening ceremony was held there for nearly three hours, but the lake district outside the stadium has gathered thousands of people, a gray haired old man who, a lively child, also has a professional cyclist equipment around many…… The stadium is surrounded with the masses. From the first round of the lake in 2002 to the present, I have been down." Talking about the lake and lake tournament opening ceremony, 65 year old Wang said excitedly, from work to retirement, from the first to the thirteenth, he will try every means to watch the opening ceremony and competition. The scale of the race around the lake, the influence of the increase in the content of the opening ceremony is constantly enriched." After the opening ceremony, many viewers said that the opening ceremony will be the event and the integration of the three provinces of culture, to see the actors perform, they are very excited, but also very touched.

and fortunately to the scene to watch the opening ceremony of the masses is different, many viewers can not reach the scene, only through television and the Internet to watch, but most people did not express regret or loss. "The TV broadcast is clear, the picture is complete, very good." Too many people on the scene, watching TV as exciting." While watching TV while playing micro-blog live, very good." During the interview, most people said, although not to the scene, but the TV can be seen, and many young people while watching micro-blog hair with other users to discuss. Xiao Yang said college students, through the form of a network of micro-blog pass Lake tournament information, so that more outsiders to understand the feast, he felt very satisfied.

in addition to the audience and friends in Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, two provinces and friends did not idle, we continue to update the news about the opening ceremony on the internet. Gansu, a netizen said in micro-blog, although can not go to the opening ceremony of the scene a little regret, but the closing ceremony in Lanzhou has made her look forward to.


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