How to get the entrepreneurial experience small coup

entrepreneurship is a hot topic, entrepreneurial experience, this is the consensus we have, then, for inexperienced friends, how can we learn the entrepreneurial experience faster? Usually start from the understanding of the industry, learn some experience, in order to better business.

but the market is still a huge and complex, and changing the system, you can never master it one hundred percent. But to a certain extent, you can make a fairly accurate assumption of it, and then use the actual product to verify these assumptions.

if not actually in this industry before, to start from zero to full access to these businesses, leading industry knowledge in the process of entrepreneurship, and into practical strategies and methods of operation, in fact it is very difficult, the cost is very high (often need to learn from mistakes). On the contrary, go to a number of achievements, the scale will not be too big to go to work, but it is the way to obtain these key industries knowledge of low-cost.


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