nnovation and entrepreneurship Park to open up the road ahead of Nanxian

Chinese community has been generally aware of the role of business incubators entrepreneurial work, nearly two years Chinese everywhere, actively build a business park area, to help entrepreneurs early successfully embark on the road of entrepreneurship, wings for innovation and entrepreneurship.

to promote innovation, promote entrepreneurship, realize industrial park two rapid development of Hunan Province, Nanxian economic development zone is a Provincial Park, according to the spirit of the Hunan provincial government to carry out the "development" Innovation Park "135" project documentation requirements, determined to park construction in the heart, the standardization of plant construction and business park functional area the construction of the promoter demonstration park will create a beautiful park, precise management.

Innovation park planning area of the County Economic Development Zone

it is reported that the innovation park will be built with the standard workshop of more than and 40 buildings, construction area of about 300000 square meters, is expected to accommodate more than and 100 enterprises. The county comprehensive resources, regional, industry foundation, innovation park will be the future development direction of positioning is to introduce food processing, textile and garment processing enterprises, has been the introduction of Sanyi Jinxinda glass, auto parts, textile, glass, Xinyuan Fu Feng SME business incubators and other 15 projects.

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