Zhang Jungan joined the dough details

snacks, pasta items can always win the favor of consumers, for example, noodle dough, grains cake and so on, we will marvel at a little wheat was able to play so many tricks. Here mainly to recommend the dough snack franchise brand. Zhang Jun Ganmian skin "is located in a restaurant management, catering franchise brands join the promotion and maintenance, management, execution, management and sales support for the franchisee, the professional knowledge of franchising enterprises covering the whole operation process. We have a wide range of skills training, branch decoration decoration, technology development, product production, logistics and distribution, marketing and promotion in one of the large catering chain corporation. So how to join this brand?

Zhang Jun joined the details of


join conditions

1. is in line with the food and beverage industry and the appropriate location, and other stores are not in the same area.

2. fully understand the "Zhang Jun wrapper" join "policy and join conditions, interested in the food service industry.

3. with the appropriate funds and operating capacity.

4. franchise service staff to provide their own headquarters to provide overall training.

5. have a certain cultural quality, law-abiding, good health.

6. store on the water, electricity is complete.

join advantage:

1. carry the old tradition of innovation, Zhang Jun restaurant chain has more than 10 years of history, brand management, the strength of the company headquarters.

2. headquarters of the regional protection policy through-train service, so that the development of the market there is no flocculation. No worries franchisees.

3. headquarters to take unified management, unified management, unified distribution of one-stop service system to join the time saving, labor costs at the end, the risk is small, step into the entrepreneurial stage.

4. unique taste, variety, green food, consumer confidence in food, mass consumption, good reputation.

5. joined the headquarters to appoint professionals to guide the door, so that the franchisee on the basis of the steady development of profit.


6. store has wide adaptability, such as campus, residential areas, streets, markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, such as walking street downtown can be opened. The combination of fast food and traditional food

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