Shang Shang palace paper barbecue unique barbecue Charm

03 years of business has been a hot barbecue shop has been in the past 13 years, the company’s franchise stores, stores, as many as more than and 30, which is still on the palace of paper on the barbecue on the. The success of the catering industry, such as the success of Beijing group is not much, the key to its success lies in its unique taste and keep up with the trend of the times business strategy.

Luxuries concept paper advocate DIY palace barbecue barbecue buffet, each barbecue platform are diners barbecue utensils full set of configuration, the clerk will also provide on-site demonstration for experienced customers, allowing you to experience the fun of barbecue.

No real effort


A full set of Korean barbecue,

headquarters has the advantages of simple operation, no need to cook, don’t worry about not enough manpower, no smoke without fire, truly saving, trouble, worry.

wide operating range

business center, market, night market, snack stalls, leisure high streets and back lanes…… No place no barbecue. LuxeHome Palace Korean barbecue business variety, Korean business scope, comprehensive coverage of large and medium-sized city, trade center, trade market, night market, high streets and back lanes leisure, snack stalls and other barbecue everywhere, LuxeHome palace comprehensive management, profit without limit.

price super affordable

Luxuries palace affordable Korean barbecue is not expensive, has a strong appeal, not only can attract many customers attention delicacy for 24 hours, compared with the same restaurant, the preferential price is more affordable, delicious not discount.

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