What steps are needed to drive a car 4S shop

car 4S shop to go what process? Many investors have confidence in the project. But it’s not easy to shop, you need to be ready to start. The following small series to share some of the business processes, I hope to help you.

A, apply the basic qualifications: preliminary review of qualified operators and legitimate business documents; with relevant experience is preferred; the operator must have a good business reputation; have financial strength and financing ability; but also for the right to use construction land to store (located in the main road traffic car, suitable for the surrounding environment).

two, application: official website can be found in the car brand manufacturers to download the "application form", car manufacturers will conduct a preliminary screening according to the application materials, on-site inspection, or invite the applicant to explore the interview.

three, operating mode: the operator must be in strict accordance with the special shop "four in one" mode of operation, can not exceed the scope of business. The manufacturer authorized the special store sales and maintenance, and divided the corresponding sales area. Special shops by the applicant in full investment, the economic conditions and market conditions are different, the special store investment scale is also different.

4S shop is a kind of "four in one" as the core of the franchise business model, including vehicle sales (Sale), spare parts (Sparepart), after sales service (Service), information feedback (Survey), etc.. It has a unified appearance image, unified logo, uniform management standards, operating only a single brand characteristics. The car 4S shop must understand this four point.

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