Three new forms of successful entrepreneurship to create a small entrepreneurial opportunity


venture initially is not how much money this time, that’s not nice is to use their brains empty Gloves White Wolf, this is a very important science, do not be get taken, the following are the three low cost business model, together with the small series!

B is a former Miss fashion designer, later resigned from the company after the clothing of their own, others take as tenants sublet, (now there are many commodity markets can buy, you can rent, some people bought through rental profit, and business license) in a market in the wholesale retail business, by virtue of their own the design ability and many years of industry experience, miss B’s own design, find a clothing factory processing clothing sales at their shops. Currently selling well, has opened second stores.

two, while working side venture

this way in general and in their own resources in the work time of manufacturers start to try and increase revenue using their professional experience, there is no benefit risk, but should deal with the relationship between work and entrepreneurship.

A is to buy some clothing enterprises, engaged in a few years after the purchase of erudite, have certain sensitive and familiar with garment processing enterprises of clothing, the clothing enterprise is now a lot of virtual business, even if we are familiar with the well-known brands (such as Baleno, Metersbonwe) is responsible for product design, itself is not to set up factories, design a style of clothing for clothing processing factory made garments, and then add the logo to the retail terminal, now Mr A often pick up some "private lives", provide customers with style, then Mr. A is responsible for the procurement of fabrics and garments for processing factory, the final delivery. A single down a few thousand, more than tens of thousands, really very comfortable. The advantage of this approach is that there is no risk of their own fixed income at the same time can create more value.

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