Xiamen how to crack down on illegal vehicles

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in our life in the amount of car increases significantly, and provides greater convenience for our travel, but also provide the basic thrust for speeding up economic development, but the phenomenon of illegal train serious in life repeated. From now until August 31, 2017, the city police will carry out remediation highway trucks illegal overloading behavior special action within the city, with four major initiatives to crack down on illegal road freight vehicle overloading, forcible four violations, effective prevention of truck road traffic accidents, road traffic safety, environmental protection, smooth civilization.

key sections: Highway freight vehicle traffic flow, traffic violations of the road; overload overload transportation of the source of heavy traffic road; construction section

key: vehicles more than three shafts carrying sand, cement, coal, steel and other heavy goods freight vehicles and car

: illegal trucks weighing the limit value, the truck refused to check, an excuse to break card blocked lanes, damaged facilities and equipment related to the illegal activities such as

police in accordance with the law to punish illegal large truck drivers.

overweight truck is one of the major violations investigated.

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On the road of

truck overload, can easily lead to road traffic accidents, known as the "number one killer road" and "accident culprit", has become a major difficulty of road traffic safety management. First of all, the design load load overload trucks are generally far more than the roads and bridges, which makes the pavement damage, broken bridge, shorten the service life of road facilities; secondly, the vehicle load increases, will lead to the increase of inertia, the braking distance is lengthened, easily lead to tire overload, deformation, thus, burst suddenly, yaw brake failure, rollover accidents, increase the driving risk; finally, driving overloaded oversized vehicles tend to increase, the psychological burden and mental pressure, prone to error, the effect of vehicle safety.

penalty: heavy and medium truck did not exceed the permitted weight reached 30%, fined 500 yuan, recorded 3 points; to detain the vehicle, heavy and medium truck more than 30% more than the approved load does not exceed 100%, fined 500 yuan, recorded 6 points; to detain the vehicle, heavy and medium truck loading exceed the approved quality above 100% less than 200%, a fine of 2000 yuan, temporarily driving license for 1 months, to detain the vehicle or detain a motor vehicle driving license, 6 points; heavy and medium truck more than 200% of the permitted weight, fined 3000 yuan, temporarily driving license for 3 months is recommended

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