Mobile phone stores ten brands list

said that although now buy mobile phone channels very much, but the industry from the traditional development shops are also very much, also give a lot of people to buy a mobile phone provides a great convenience, so that mobile phone retail stores which brand is good? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of mobile phone retail list, so that more people in the retail store to buy mobile phones to facilitate.

mobile phone retail ten brands list NO.1, Dixon: China professional chain one of the largest mobile phone, mobile phone professional retail brand influence, leading brand communication chain, Beijing D.Phone commerce Limited by Share Ltd.

ten mobile phone retail brand ranking NO.2, the domain of Telecommunications: domestic retail consumer electronics industry leading enterprises, large-scale integrated 3C service provider, high-tech enterprises, the domain of telecommunications chain group Limited by Share Ltd.

ten mobile phone retail brand ranking NO.3, music language and communication: one of the leading mobile communication terminal products sales and service provider, communication chain of well-known enterprises, Beijing funtalk century communications equipment chain Co. ltd..

mobile phone retail ten brands list, NO.4 constant wave Holpe: Shenzhen famous brand integrated communication terminal service providers China leading, large-scale professional mobile phone chain, Shenzhen constant wave chain Limited by Share Ltd.

mobile phone retail ten brands list, NO.5 phone in the world: Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang province famous trade name, service brand, one of the very strong domestic mobile phone chain, phone world group Limited by Share Ltd.

ten mobile phone retail brand ranking NO.6, earth communication: a famous brand in Guangdong Province, national chain leading enterprises, large chain of mobile phone and mobile phone application service provider, Guangdong earth communication chain service Co. ltd..

ten mobile phone retail brand ranking NO.7, complex telecommunications: specialized in communications products sales and telecommunications services of large-scale commercial enterprises, mobile phone retail brands, Beijing Zhongfu telecommunications equipment limited liability company.

mobile phone retail ten brands list NO.8, candeo: famous trademark in Sichuan Province, one of the western region’s largest communications retail chain enterprises, well-known brand mobile phone chain, Sichuan Xunjie investment management group limited.

mobile phone retail brand ranking ten NO.9, one of the largest in Hebei province Hengxin Mobile: mobile information terminal sales mobile phone service providers, large chain retailers, listed companies, Hengxin mobile business Limited by Share Ltd.

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