Rolls Royce needs to pay 160 thousand old crashed his car is also expensive than

for reversing the wrong step on the accelerator, sixty old lady driving crashed parked in the next Rolls-Royce, according to a preliminary estimate repair costs 160 thousand yuan. In the face of more than their own fare for compensation, the old lady tears.

66 – what mother-in-law in the underground garage when reversing, a flustered, hit the stop to buy half the value of about 5000000 yuan Rolls-Royce car on the opposite side of a car. In the face of large compensation, she sleepless nights.

the underground garage in Jianghan District century Vista community. 29 afternoon, the Wuhan evening news reporter saw his mother-in-law. She said, my 66 year old dad home suffering from Parkinson’s disease, wheelchair travel, for convenience, in 2009 she spent 50 thousand dollars to buy a car.

21 on the afternoon, when she was in the area of underground garage parking, afraid to scrape on both sides of the vehicle, ready to move forward and then back to the right, I did not expect this carefully out of trouble. " I was down, the car rushed out, brake not stopped, crashed into a parked on the opposite side of a Rolls-Royce phantom. "

panlongcheng Rolls-Royce 4S shop on the car after the inspection found that the car front bumper has three cracks before the license plate frame rupture. 4S shop gives two maintenance programs: first, the maintenance of the front bar, replace the license plate, a total of more than 40 thousand yuan to spend, and the replacement of the new bumper is two, need to spend more than 160 thousand yuan.

What mother-in-law insured Pacific Insurance Company staff said that such incidents to repair damaged parts, but need to be resolved in consultation with the owners.

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