Size of the rural 5 entrepreneurial projects recommended

2016 years of returning home migrant workers are important, we believe in the NPC and CPPCC has been understood, in such a golden era of entrepreneurship, migrant workers quickly to realize the dream of entrepreneurial wealth!

2016 years of rapid economic development, people have chosen to start a business boom. So this year in the end what are the hot rural entrepreneurship projects? Do these projects make money?

  many people need to take pictures in the countryside. But the Rural Studio resources are relatively scarce, especially the old and infirm, photography is more difficult. Specifically to photography, door-to-door service, it is a good way of making money.

  wedding photography, the industry with Chinese characteristics, creating an amazing output value. The new "a life" concept also contributed to the studio on the photo studio to shoot a wedding a few thousand, more than 10000. 2007 marriage registration in Shanghai, there are 117825 pairs of new couples, if each pair of new wedding photography in accordance with the calculation of $2000, the annual output value of Shanghai wedding photography is 200 million. With the arrival of 2008 married Wang, wedding consumption will usher in a new round of the peak.

  now VCD, TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, have a certain amount of ownership in the countryside. But if these things are broken, they need to run a long way to the repair department to repair them. If a mobile repair department, the implementation of the recommended call home

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