What are the skills of stall

like to learn some skills, so that your business will do better. If you are going to set up a stall, in addition to find the source and stalls good, you also need to master some basic skills. So, like to learn what skills? Let’s take a look.

baidenan skills two

has been on the market a lot of products do not sell, because already saturated, you can not get too many repeat customers. Individual part-time baidenan, can point into the socks, mobile phone accessories such as small commodities to sell.

don’t choose the easy backlog of rotten goods at night to sleep during the day to work, so we choose not to sell food must have supper at night.

baidenan skills three

select the time period of the holiday is a good opportunity for the money, you must be willing to give up these.

of course can also produce food sales opportunities, snack food staple food is poor, because it is close to dinner time, 17:30, about 20:30 after the rice bowl time people shopping activities began to spread, all kinds of daily necessities, fun leisure products sales opportunities will come to.


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