Why open a Japanese convenience store business will be very good

now open retail stores are particularly large, especially now that many snack shops are very popular, basically shop business is good, a Japanese convenience store is also one of the Japanese convenience store, and is very prosperous. So why are Japanese convenience stores so hot?


Several characteristics of

throughout Japan small format development, reflects the trend of the development of retail business, will also transition to Chinese retail bring certain enlightenment.

90 Japan began to enter the period of economic downturn, the development of various types of large commercial block. But because of the small retail formats are less influenced by the economic situation, the convenience store enterprises to strengthen the ability to store operations, to expand the product category and type of service, the convenience store has been further developed in 90s. After entering 2000, the Japanese government relaxed for the convenience store category distribution restrictions, bank ATM and other financial services become the convenience store business new business growth, development, and the birth of its own brand of segments formats also continue to promote the development of Japanese convenience store industry. Convenience store industry in 2000 after showing a very steady rise in the development trend.

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