Zhangzhou HUAWE cloud computing data center opening ceremony

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intelligent technology not only provides a more convenient way of life for consumers, but also greatly promoted the development of society, now each city actively carry out intelligent science and technology projects, strive for the development of the city to inject more vitality, more power! Yesterday, Zhangzhou HUAWEI cloud computing data center launch ceremony, intelligent life away from us further.

Fujian Municipal People’s government, Zhangzhou Development Zone and HUAWEI cloud computing data center strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held in Zhangzhou on 11, held in. This marks the HUAWEI cloud computing data center located in Zhangzhou development zone.

Zhangzhou mayor Tan Yunkun, Zhangzhou Development Zone Party Secretary, director of the CMC, vice president of HUAWEI, President of Enterprise Cloud business, such as the signing ceremony, attended the ceremony, such as Ding Yong.


cloud computing data center is located in Zhangzhou Development Zone Investment Promotion Bureau · core Valley "period will be based on the Zhangzhou Development Zone, Zhangzhou city services, Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, radiation, tide and Taiwan region, to undertake the cloud computing business, build Taiwan enterprises large data service platform and service platform of modern service, cultural tourism business support platform, modern agricultural support platform, to provide cloud resources for Internet plus, big data, intelligent manufacturing, innovation, modern agriculture and modern service industry etc..

signing ceremony, Tan Kun said cloud, join the cloud strategic cooperation with HUAWEI, in the Zhangzhou Development Zone to start the construction of a high level of core Valley public cloud platform, regional cloud is to strive to create a foothold in Zhangzhou, facing the neighboring region and cross strait provides strong governance, Societe Generale, Huimin service computing data center.

he said, cloud computing, big data is the new momentum of information development, but also the information age, the new economic era, the enterprise, economic and social development of the important infrastructure. Cloud industry itself is also an important emerging industries, HUAWEI as the world’s top 500, has a strong brand influence, the world leader in the field of cloud computing technology. Seize the opportunity to strengthen cooperation and speed up the construction of cloud computing data centers, is our common desire.

Yang Ruikai said in his speech, HUAWEI’s cloud computing is a strategic focus of industry, HUAWEI is an important driving force for the development of the industry of global cloud computing, will work with partners to build a thriving, vibrant future cloud ecological industry.

Zhangzhou Development Zone superior location, resource advantages, the first in Fujian to build the country’s leading 100 billion industrial park. Ding Yong said, HUAWEI’s cloud computing center located in Zhangzhou Development Zone, is a landmark breakthrough in park construction, will achieve win-win situation, make big data Zhangzhou information industry has become a new economic growth point, add new vigor to the economic and social development in Zhangzhou.

in recent years, Zhangzhou

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