How about two pepper spicy temptation

when you go out with friends to eat dinner, no appetite, no good place to go, no idea, and don’t want to spoil this time, don’t forget the existence of two pepper spicy temptation. Malatang join good? What no appetite to eat? No idea what to eat? What to eat do not worry, Tastes differ all tastes.? A mala Mala joined all! Good? – the most powerful

pepper temptation!

joined the Malatang good? Business Malatang success the key is to taste good, is the taste of soup, double temptation three classic original pepper soup, unique taste, flavor entrance after the first show, tease your taste buds, let your appetites, spicy but not dry, spicy the sweet, fragrant aftertaste into the heart, posterior. Why is it so good?

double pepper temptation brand advantage: the company’s brand all opened by the chairman of the company, the catering industry expert Cui Jihua as chief designer, brand design philosophy of high level to make the brand more perfect image, lower the cost of investment.

The advantages of two pepper production

temptation: open company self built condiment production factory, plant, equipment, advanced technology, to ensure the production quality is more stable; the origin of the procurement of raw materials, independent production, so that the core dressing cost is lower.

dual operational advantages: open the pepper temptation holdings invested directly by the Ji’nan Parkway Catering Management Limited, there have been more than ten years of experience in Food & beverage operations, the successful operation of the four brands: Hero boiling, Korean love, Bao Dafu, Wang Xide, direct store more than 30 stores, sales volume of over 100 million yuan. Open the company to rely on ten years of experience in food and beverage operations, to provide comprehensive training and follow-up guidance for partners.

double chili pepper and pepper quality temptation by country of origin, secret base material combined with spicy composite bone soup, prepare a bowl of spicy and delicious, rich in collagen and bone calcium, protein and other nutrient rich soup.

so good Malatang to join the brand you must not miss yo. Message is the most important.

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