Wealthy Saudi Woman Makes Marriage Offer on Live TV Show

Rabat – A millionaire Saudi woman made a marriage offer announcement on a live program aired on Al Resala TV channel. In a phone call to the live program, the forty-year-old woman said she is looking for a husband even though he is already married.“I’d have no problem with a polygamous marriage, if the man can treat me and his first wife equally.” However, she expressed her reluctance to marry a young single man, because “I feel it would be unfair to him,” she added. The woman said that she is rich, but her happiness is never completed without a man she trusts on her side.“I inherited millions from my father after he died. When he was alive he never allowed me to get married, as he worried that men would only want to marry me because of our fortune,” she said. She desperately wished to get married because she wants to have a child, that “I can hold in my arms.”During her phone call with the program presenter, the woman explained that she didn’t want a man who is interested only in her money, but a husband who treats her well and with whom she can have a child.The Saudi woman told the TV show presenter that she wishes to find a right match through the program.

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