Contractual Teachers Suspend Protests to ‘Preserve Students’ Interests’

Rabat – Contractual teachers have decided to suspend their protests and resume work on Monday, April 29.The National Coordination of “the Forcibly Contracted Teachers”  issued a statement, announcing that after several meetings held on Friday and Saturday, the  teachers have decided to go back to work on Monday. The statement stressed that the teachers’ decision  has been motivated by a desire to preserve student’s rights.Just for students The statement said that the teachers will put black badges during working days “to mourn the dignity of teachers.”The statement warned, however, that no  teacher take or sign any document or a reprehensible or disciplinary nature. The movement’s warning to  the contractual teachers is a response to the government’s repeated threats that it would fire protesting teachers. While deciding to come back to work to preserve students’ interests, the coordination also wants to keep unity in its ranks. The goal is to ensure that no teacher is punished for having participated in the protests.Read Also: Police Disperse Contractual Teachers Protests at Morocco’s ParliamentSixty-six regional representatives voted to suspend the strike, while 11 opposed it.The decision of the coordination is also meant to avoid a “blank” year. The coordination said they will ensure a “good” teaching atmosphere similar to the mood   before the beginning of the protests.The teachers have been protesting for more than five weeks of protest against poor working conditions.On April 14, Morocco’s Ministry of Education said it reached an agreement to end the crisis.However, the coordination issued a statement to argue that there had been no agreement with the ministry, emphasizing their determination to continue protesting until their the government meets their demands..The teachers described themselves as “forcibly contractual educators.” In 2016, the Moroccan government began hiring teachers under annually renewable contacts. April 25 marked a massive overnight protest, bringing thousands of teachers in front of the parliament.Moroccan police used water cannons to disperse the demonstrations, which ended at about 4 a.m.Morocco’s Al Istiqlal (Independent) Party took an initiative to announce suggestions that would end the crisis.Al Istiqlal Party called on the teachers to go back to their work, urging the ministry of education to resume dialogue with its representatives.Contractual teachers have been rallying the streets of Moroccan cities since February 20, demanding to be hired into the public sector. Demonstrators also called for the abolishment of fixed-term contracts, demanding the end of “discrimination” between contractual teachers and public sector teachers.

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