Guangzhou 19 female college students to establish a network of entrepreneurial experience barber pla

when it comes to haircuts, people are not unfamiliar, the current market is everywhere a variety of barber shops, however, the new era of entrepreneurs have given a new definition of the barber market. 19 college students from 4 universities in Guangzhou, while reading a barber, barber to subvert the traditional rhetoric to university and the surrounding experience, build Chinese University First Internet barber experience platform. This through all the chips to create hair college entrepreneurial projects, in just six months to raise more than 1 million yuan of funds.

they developed an online booking platform, a taste of University "Internet plus barber" first taste of the soup, breath and opened the 3 barber shop, the fans reached more than 30 thousand people, the barber shop has been profitable. Their next goal is to complete the Wushan, Guangzhou, University City, cave 3 University District store layout in July this year, the incubation and operation of company’s first venture project of the platform.

what is the innovation or core competence of this project? Whether entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial mentor, the project is easy to copy worry. This means that the rapid expansion of the store management may be a big problem.

college barber shop: while drinking coffee reading, as well as the presence of singer

mobile phone free Wi-Fi, sitting quietly reading a book in the "book" in the "water" can also be a cup of coffee and spend a leisure time in the field, and the performance of the singer’s ear…… It’s not a coffee shop, it’s not a bookstore, it’s a barber shop in a college.

recently, Wushan University District of Guangzhou Tianhe, spate of 3 named of "the barber shop, the customer can make an appointment through the online appointment, and online payment, the main community friendly environment, touted by the college students.

23 year old Yang Weijie is the hair Institute co-founder and CEO, he is also a graduate student majoring in software engineering, South China Agricultural University. Yang Weijie told reporters in Nandu, hair Institute entrepreneurial project ideas from a female classmate Lv Yongqing complained. Lv Yongqing is a graduate student in electrical engineering, South China Agricultural University, chief operating officer of hair institute.

Lv Yongqing is a typical female engineering, usually also have beautiful Da needs, but the school’s barber shop is relatively simple, can not meet the demand, out of the barber shop was far too expensive, so we thought, what would happen if a student belongs to his barber shop." Yang Weijie told reporters in Nandu.

during the visit, Yang Weijie found that the students of colleges and universities around the barber shop universal Tucao a lot, a lot of students are not satisfied with the school environment, attitude and technology recommended Barber

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