China 4 straight girls for cancer heart shadow area

"warm", "God" and "straight cancer" is the network, the development of the Internet, every year there will be a lot of hot words. What is the "straight cancer" believe that most netizens know what it means. But if you know Chinese 4 straight girls believe that cancer, heart can not calm!

"straight cancer" comes from the network, who are users of narcissism, opinionated, with male chauvinism, sexual orientation as a kind of ridicule female male. The main feature is the negative aesthetic, poor taste and do not know their own, but that the mainstream of aesthetic taste, and even high-grade clothing, etc.. A survey shows that 70% of users believe that there is around you or potential straight cancer patients".

but straight "cancer" is not incurable. More than half of Internet users believe that, if I met a man, straight cancer can cure. Of course, for the blind conceit of severe straight cancer patients, women can be reined in, change the angle of view, look at the other groups — warm male.



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