Hot pot shop operators need to meet the requirements of the shop

hot pot restaurant operators to meet what conditions can successfully set up shop? Many novice on this issue is not very clear, today Xiaobian take you to look at, I hope you can solve some business problems. Hot pot shop operating conditions and operating requirements are the following, a look at it.

A, the required information

1. food hygiene permit application form. 2 Certificate of qualification of the legal representative, the owner or the person in charge. 3 production and operation of the area, the main production and processing facilities and sanitation facilities, equipment name and model. 4 production and operation site plan, production flow chart and health protection facilities. 5 Certificate of health examination and training of food practitioners. 6 food producers should be products of raw materials, formulation and product safety assessment materials, product quality standards of health and hygiene inspection results and product trial samples of packaging materials, labels, brochures and product samples were provided according to the characteristics of products and relevant regulations. 7 other materials as required by laws, regulations or rules or by the administrative department of public health.

two, basic health facilities,

place size

1. production site should be from the pollution source (garbage, feces dumping stations, public toilet and any other food health places more than 10 meters). 2, do business wet point area was not less than 8 square meters, 15 square meters of business area: food in more than 50 square meters, and other varieties, the area needs additional. 3 the catering industry is divided into large, medium and small type according to the operating area or the number of seats. The operating area of more than 1000 square meters large restaurants or the number of seats for more than 500 seats: medium sized catering area of 300~1000 square meters or dining seats for 150~500: the operating area of 300 square meters of small restaurants or dining seats for 150 below.


1. kitchen (including raw materials storage, rough processing, cleaning and disinfection, cooking places) and the ratio of the area of the restaurant is not less than 1:2, cooking place net height of not less than 2.5 meters. 2 tableware and utensils must set up a special cleaning pool: a special airtight cleaning cabinet for customers: Reusable towels should be special cleaning and disinfection pool and special cleaning cabinet; large and medium-sized catering enterprises must use the dishwasher, the corresponding special equipment by small and medium enterprises: tableware must use physical disinfection methods. 3 cooked rooms should be set dressing and washing disinfection facilities, equipped with special food utensils and effective air disinfection equipment, air conditioning, water flow, and no food cold equipment cleaning and disinfection facilities, special room temperature should be lower than 25 DEG C: a small shop specially cooked food area should not be less than 5 square. In the plough area should not be less than 15 square meters, a large area of not less than 30 square meters. And set up two more farmers room.


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