7 important features an Irish social media site would need

first_img Source: www.shutterstock.comFor when you disappear on a night out and you need to convince everyone you were just “outside having a chat”.4.  Hiberno-English spell checker Source: Hitone.ieAs ‘banjaxed’ and ‘eejit’ are perfectly sensible words and should not appear underlined in red every time you write them.5.  Irish-only trending topicsIf it isn’t the weather, Love/Hate or the government, it isn’t spoken about on social media in Ireland.  So, this feature narrows down trending topics so nobody gets confused.6.  FaceBlur Source: EmbarrassingIrishNightlifePhotosWhen your friends tag you in that 3am photo in the middle of Coppers dance floor, you don’t have to untag yourself, just simply blur your worse-for-wear face out. Job done.7.  In-direct messages I said, do you like GAA? Source: ShutterstockWe all know that Irish people can’t speak their mind, especially in the matters of love. This feature lets you awkwardly dance around any topic until the person you are messaging finally gets the picture.Twitter stock grew by 73 per cent on a ‘spectacular’ opening day>Meet the Twitter billionaires. (Hint: There’s actually only one.)> AS ANOTHER SOCIAL media website is floated on the New York stock exchange, we decided to take a look at what would make a truly great Irish social network.Here’s what it would need:1.  No friend requestsNo need for this, sure we all know each other anyway. You’re Martin’s cousin, aren’t you? Source: INPHO/Cathal Noonan2. Event invites without timesBecause who actually turns up to an event on time in Ireland? Yep. I’m pretty late, all right. Source: www.shutterstock.com3.  A ‘fake check-in’ buttonlast_img

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