Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 details leaked

Modern Warfare 3 will hit store shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season this November, according to news obtained and released by Kotaku. According to the blog, “multiple sources” have confirmed that the game will be released on November 8th, 2011 and will pick up where Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 left off, completely changing the way people perceive the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare shooter franchise.Here’s what we know: Modern Warfare 3 will span the globe, much like the previous game. The player will fight street battles in major cities like London, Paris, and New York, and many of those awe-inspiring places will be open for the game’s multiplayer modes. Modern Warfare 3 will also reportedly tie up a number of loose ends from the previous two games that left players hanging, and pick up almost immediately after the cliffhanger ending of Modern Warfare 2.The game will reportedly start us off in New York City as the Russians attempt to invade the United States, and eventually take us around the world through 15 missions as multiple characters until we get to the game’s climactic final mission in Dubai. Gamers will be able to play characters on all sides of the conflict, and control multiple vehicles new and old, and tons of new weapons and hardware.Multiplayer also makes a strong comeback in Modern Warfare 3, and even includes new game types and tons of new maps in addition to some of the older, more familiar multiplayer modes. None of Kotaku’s information has been confirmed by Activision yet, but it all looks solid, and it is unlikely Activision will stay quiet for long with this much information out in the wild.Read more at Kotaku

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